Yesterday @ Lime: Saffron Sugar Cookies – Black Bean Dip, Salsa, Smoked Cheddar Quesadillas

Brunch today:

– Baked Feta with Honey, Olive Oil and Fresh Herbs (oregano and thyme) – grilled Tandoori Bread with Ghee & Brown Sugar Roasted Figs
– Soft Scrambled Eggs
– Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette, Fennel and Chick Peas


Pomegranate Braised Beef Short Ribs with Thyme
Olive Oil Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes
Portobello Mushroom ‘Farrotto’ with Fresh Herbs, Garlic + Lemon
Arugula Salad with Tomatoes and Cucumber, Zesty Buttermilk Dressing

Berry Hibiscus Granita (strawberry, blueberry + raspberry, lime juice)